Cool iOS features that Android can do as well

Coming from the Apple side of things myself, one of the biggest issues I had when I was making the jump was not really knowing whether Android could live up to the things that I had come to rely on with iOS.


Thankfully, a little bit of research before making the jump made things much simpler. In fact, I found that not only did Android have features that performed the same function as many iOS features, but in many cases, Android did it better. Here’s a list of a few common iOS features that Android can do.

Steve Wozniak: Apple should release an Android device

Steve Wozniak is known throughout the world as a huge nerd, technological guru, and probably the “friendlier face” of Apple.


While a lover of all things technology, he mostly concentrates his effort and time on the company that he helped co-found with Steve Jobs.

How to shrink the Galaxy Note 3's display for better one-hand control

The problem with these huge phablets is that small-handed folk like me are having a hard time with one handed operation. In daily commute, I really like to use my smartphone to pass the time on the metro but using both hands on my device could lead to me flat on my back.


The Galaxy Note 3 is an example of a smartphone that’s just too big to be handled with a mere hand. Thankfully, Samsung thought ahead and incorporated a feature that shrinks the screen size. Here is how it’s done.

Screenshots of new S Voice on the Samsung Galaxy S5

While Voice Integration software is still working on gaining popularity with users, it’s probably a safe bet to say that Google Now has the lead on this one. Sure, Samsung has its own voice recognition software with S Voice, but it doesn’t have the best reputation. However, this could change with the next generation of the app, expected to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Here are some of the screenshots of the new S Voice that have been floating around.


Not much has been done visually, but just about everything that has to do with Samsung, they’ve found a design that works for them and are sticking to it. Right now, it’s hard to tell whether the screenshots provided by SamMobile indicate any big changes to the way the voice recognition software works.The screenshots are from a device sporting the model number SM-G900H, which isn’t associated with a device currently available from Samsung. Our bet right now is that the device in question is the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

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