Cross Dev Studios provides customers with a single source of software consulting, project management and custom development services.




Business Model

Our business models reflects the same spirit of flexibility and commitment for tailored solutions that best fit the needs. Each client and each engagement is given individual attention, including multiple options for structuring the business relationship to support a flexible and trustworthy long-term partnership.


Our software analysts help you determine a viable solution for you, based on your needs and finance. We employ a range of methodologies to estimate your project size, time and cost calculations. We divide each project goals to sub tasks and milestones and strive our best that they be achieved on time and performance criteria are met.

Development Methodology

Cross Dev Studios provides independent technology companies with a world-class development partner that can quickly scale up and deliver critical projects which provide excellent results with consistency. Our software development methodologies are based on project nature, size, user requirements, delivery time and financing. We employ tailored Software Development Lifecycle for Small Projects, Spiral Model and Waterfall model methodology based on project type, supported by strong project management discipline to deliver consistently superior results.


In many cases, Cross Dev Studiosis able to undertake projects and deliver business value that would not otherwise be possible due to prohibitive cost, unavailability of needed expertise or unacceptably long time to market. Our development methodologies are fully intact with offshore development and have the capabilities to overcome issues raised during client interaction and requirements gathering.

Project Management Approach

Our management has separate and individual approach for each project throughout the Software Development Lifecycle. In our organization project management has an integrated and centralized role along with configuration management and complete environment.


We employ three centralized activities; Management, Environment and Configuration Management of RUP in our development methodologies. This approach delivers consistent results with value added support to each individual client that turns into client’s profits and productivity. We have monitoring, tracking and controlling mechanisms for each project. Risk Analysis and prior intimation of each identified risk for projects at each single phase of SDLC is also part of our approach.

Delivering Value

“delivering value through strategic partnerships” is our motto and we believe on 100% retention of clients by increasing their business value.


We provide valuable benefits to our clients like Low Hourly Development Rates,24/7 Customer Support,Intensive Quality Control and Testing,Tailored and Result-driven Development Methodologies etc. which helps them to get high business gains.

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